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Read the latest issue of Lifescience Industry Magazine



Issue 16 includes a full page feature (pg 10) on Medilink South West members, Altered Carbon. The feature highlights altered Carbon’s development of next - generation sensing technology, as they are on track to create the world’s first commercially viable, affordable e-nose. CEO and Founder Ali Rohafza speaks about the company’s mission and progress in the article which can you can access here.

As well as being MLSW members, Altered Carbon have been supported by the Health Technology Hub, our affiliate organisation, based at the University of the West of England. Founded within the Bristol Robotics Laboratory, Altered Carbon’s team of scientists and engineers are focussed on developing commercially viable products and partnerships.


Altered Carbon (founded in early 2018) develop ultra-sensitive, super low-power, miniature and cost-effective graphene-based gas sensors, a technology unique to the company. Use cases and applications are extremely plentiful, however the Internet of Things (IoT) applications, including healthcare, food freshness monitoring and air quality are what we focus on. The sensors utilise the properties of the wonder material graphene. It is the world’s only man-made 2D material with remarkable properties such as high conductivity, huge surface area and being essentially inert. Despite a lot of hype and lab attempts by various other companies attempting to shift graphene gas sensors into market-ready products, the progress has been very limited. This makes us one of the leading companies in the world with commercially viable graphene sensors.

issue 16 takes a look at :      

  • Future Watch: New technology and innovations

  • Clinical Need: Meeting unmet clinical needs

  • Going Global: Cracking international markets

  • People & Places: Influential people and places in the Industry

  • Regulatory: Updates and expert advice